If you follow the coast of southern Connecticut, you will eventually cross the narrow stone bridge at Scott’s Cove.  There is a low stone border wall on the Long Island Sound side of the road.  A person can sit on that wall, watch the seagulls fly and listen to the gentle lapping of the salt water.   A short drop over the wall finds a wide ledge with an attached wooden dock where small boats can tie up.  If the tide is low, the dock sits in the mud while horseshoe crabs wind their way to the water’s edge.  As the tide comes in, salt water travels through a passage under the narrow bridge to the marsh on the opposite side.  This is the most serene place on earth.  As a child I would spend hours walking along this bridge and sitting on that wall.  Looking at this picture takes me to Scott’s Cove – the smell of the salt water, the flutter of gull wings and the soft breeze from the ocean beyond.